I'm a Computer Science student.
I code in C/C++, Java, BASH, PHP, x86 Assembly, Perl.
This is my Curriculum Vitae
I wrote some app:

Name Description Download
mp4tools a set of scripts to encode audio and video Download source
Masturbator Pro A program for women pleasure Android Program Android Program
aacplusenc an AAC+ command line encoder1 Download source
amrenc an AMR narrow band encoder1 Download source
nokiatagger ID3 tagger for MP4 files compatible with latest Symbian Phones Download source
Ryanair An Android app to check for Ryanair flights Android Program
Jeckers Have fun with this Java Checkers Java Program
qfakemail Send fake or anonymous emails, even with attachments Download for windowsDownload source
qodfisc create your fiscal code Download for windowsDownload source
qonvert convert any movie or DVD into .3gp format to view it on your phone Download for windowsDownload source
barqode a tool to create QR Code and DataMatrix barcodes Download for WindowsDownload source
fill a stupid joke that fills your XP disks at 100% Download for windowsDownload source
destroy a program that permanently formats your PC without advice.
Don't run it. Really
Download for windowsDownload source
fakedns a simple DNS spoofer, it always returns the same IP address Download source
shbench a tool for benchmarking *nix shells Download source

1use sources from 3gpp.org

I partecipated at some opensource projects including: This is a list of my CD collection: My Albums

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Matteo Croce

I'm a raver. Tekno raver.
Click here to see my party pics
I went to the following parties:

Name Place Performers
Sweet babe RedZone - Perugia Ralf, Pasta Boys
Magnificat Nox Riccione Cocoric򠭠Riccione
  Marab񠭠Giardini Naxos Massimino Lippoli
Juice of Juice Matis - Bologna Layo & Bushwacka, Massimino Lippoli, Ricky Montanari, Flavio Vecchi
30rd Kinki Birthday Kinki - Bologna Ricardo Villalobos
30° Kinki Birthday (after) Nirvana - Bologna Ricardo Villalobos
Doc Show Chalet delle Rose - Bologna Alex Neri, Walter S
Party in da wood 3 Roma Crystal Distortion
Pervert Gold Clorophilla - Taranto Obi Baby
SicilyTek 2005 Ragusa Metek, Faida System, Audiotek
  Fortezza da Basso - Firenze Chris Liebing
Tresor Night Fortezza da Basso - Firenze Mad Max, James Ruskin
Tenax Superstar Tenax - Firenze Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven V嵨
Street parade antipro Roma Zapotek, Kriminal Hertz, Ryotek
Rave after the street antipro Roma Zapotek, Kriminal Hertz, Ryotek
Party in da wood 4 Roma 69db, IFP, Infrabass, Foxtan crew
Million marijuana march Roma Lego
Pollino Music Festival 2006 Potenza Fallout, Orestek
SalentoTek 2006 Lecce Suburbass, IFP, Mat Weasel Busters
  Livorno NBT, Mainframe, Kriminal Hertz
Witchtek vol 2 Novi Ligure Fucki Monkey Circus, Zapotek, Audiotek
Cosmo Night Fortezza da Basso - Firenze Chris Liebing, Speedy J
72h Street rave parade Firenze Fucki Monkey Circus
Pollino Music Festival 2007 Potenza Giotek
SalentoTek 2007 Lecce Narkotek, IFP, Suburbass, Kernel Panic, ...
  Kindergarten - BO Richie Hawtin
Ampollino Music Festival 2008 Cotronei - KR Various...
I Love Techno 2008 Gent - Belgium Rush, Pet Duo, Richie Hawtin, Magda, Troy Pierce, Dave Clarke, others...
Maximal festival Milan Miss Djaxx, Dj Bold, Frank Kvitta, Dave Clarke, others...
Akakenings 2009 Amsterdam Miss djaxx, Sven Wittekind, Tetrapack, Marco remus, Adam Beyer, Magda, others
Monegros 2009 Saragoza All
Frank Kvitta's Birthday 2009 Oostende Frank KVitta, Boris S, others
Have a look also at my myspace: http://myspace.com/teknoraver